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The tree of dates or the palm date (Phoenix dactylifera L., Family Arecaceae) has played an important role as a food security crop in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA), providing valuable food for people for the last 5000 years. In appreciation of its fruits, the date tree is referred to as the sacred tree [74], the tree of life [69], and the bread of the desert [84]. The latin name of the tree is believed to have been derived from Greek Phoenix daktulos, which means purple or red finger.

Date fruit is a key food security resource in the aridlands that requires intensive efforts for valorization. There is a large potential to especially develop healthy food products utilizing the high value fiber and phenolic antioxidants found in the fruit flesh and seeds. The ability to use dates to produce value-added products; such as date flour, fiber concentrate, juices, jam, date-based fruit bars, sugar, and functional ingredients in beverages, dairy and baking industries will help to make the palm date an economically viable commodity. However, steady and goal-oriented research and development is required to achieve this goal. The aim of this review is to summarize published research and patents on date fruit utilization, with a special focus on the opportunity to develop knowledge on date fibers and phenolic antioxidants as ingredients in functional food products.

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